Hey… I’m Jewelia Gibson, the walk on-the-wild-side alter ego of Tabitha Gibson. Several years ago, I read the 50 Shades series and loved it. Not for the kinkier side of sex, but for the lifestyle, emotions and more human side portrayed by the characters.

As habit, when I see something I really love, a new series filled my mind mixing the sensually erotic that is new to my pen palette with the romance and suspense that I already love to write and, voila! A whole new set of characters, storyline and fairly kinky world was created.

I hope that you keep an open mind while reading these books, as I have learned, that there is more to the world of BDSM than what people would consider naughty sex, eyebrow raising toys and addressing those Dominants in a respectful but unique manner.

You can still find me writing romantic suspense under Tabitha Gibson as well as children’s books under the pen name, Shea Gibson.

I also keep busy outside the writing world working a regular job, but I have super hero power: I am a domestic goddess! I also married the love of my life, Arthur, and we live in the ‘burbs of Columbus, Ohio raising our beautiful daughter, Marie.

I am an ocean loving, tea drinking, 80’s music listening, action film watching, cheering for the wrestling heel, chase your dreams kinda girl. Have a delightful day!